2024 Junior Book Nominees

Kids read or listen to at least 3 of the Junior Book Nominees on this page, then VOTE HERE

We are excited to present book trailers, book talks and activities for the 2024 North Carolina Children's Book Award Junior Book Nominees.  Children nominated their favorite titles published since 2020.  Our committee chose the top twelve and now it's time for the children of North Carolina to get ready to vote for their favorite!  

Junior Book Nominees


flyer with covers (can be used as a ballot)

Children may vote for their favorite title if they have read at least 3 of the 12 nominees.  

eBooks and eAudiobooks available through NC Kids digital library.  

30000 Stitches Read-aloud

30000 Stitches Activities
Boy at the Back of the Class Book Trailer

Boy at the Back of the Class Activities
Dog Squad Book Trailer

Dog Squad Activities
Elephant in the Room Read-aloud

Elephant in the Room Activities
Invisible Book Trailer

Invisible Activities
Last Beekeeper Book Trailer

Last Beekeeper Activities
A Rover's Story Book Trailer

A Rover's Story Activities
Solimar Book Trailer

Solimar Activities
Stand Up, Yumi Chung! Book Trailer

Stand Up, Yumi Chung! Activities
Starfish Book Trailer

Starfish Activities
Swim Team Book Talk

Swim Team Activities
Your Place in the Universe Read-aloud

Your Place in the Universe Activities