Important Dates

November 1 - March 31
  • Children may nominate their favorite picture and junior books published in the last 4 years.  
  • A link to the nomination form will be available on starting November 1.
  • Teachers and librarians may also submit their students' nominations via an email to co-chair, Janet West ( 

  March 1 - March 31
  •  Children vote for their favorite picture book and/or junior book at their school and/or public library.

March 31
  • Deadline for nominations for next year's award.
  • Deadline for librarians to submit votes for EACH title. A link to the voting totals form will be available throughout the month of March on
  • Librarians/schools do not need to register to submit votes.
  • Totals may also be sent to co-chair, Lisa Denning (